Professional Technology Services

DK Systems Service Rack
DK Systems has knowledgeable consultants on staff to assist you with several technology services, both for homes and businesses in Farmington, New Mexico. We especially work with restaurants and retail stores. We offer many types of communication equipment.

Computer Repairs

DK Systems welcomes networking and computer repair requests for home computers. No job is too big or too small. We remove viruses and Malware from your computer, either at our shop or your location. When you bring in your computer for virus removal, we can install the Antivirus software of your choice. For any other issues with your computer, we are your solution, whether it’s broken keyboard keys or a fried hard drive.

Office Networking

Our skilled team of technicians offers office networking and wiring services. This includes maintenance agreements, so you won’t have to worry about when you need us to come back and update or clean up your computers. We connect several computers to one network, enable phone dialing capabilities, and provide high speed wireless and wired connections, industry specific software, and more. Whether you are a small firm with basic internet needs or large corporation such as a call center with advanced technology requirements, DK Systems can do the work for you.

Printer Repairs

We offer HP printer toners that come with a 2 year warranty. If you are a school, office, or government facility, we can offer you a special discount on toner. Ask us for more details. Few businesses can run without any printing capabilities and most residential clients need to convenience of a printer as well. DK Systems will repair printers that have become jammed, aren’t printing with the correct colors, or have stopped printing altogether. We will advise you if replacement is more economical than a repair, but we can complete extensive repairs for any model printer. Bring in your printer or set up an appointment for us to come to you.

Cash Registers

We also work with cash registers. If a malfunctioning cash register is slowing down or halting business, call us and we’ll get it working again as soon as possible. We can install new Point of Sale software as well as hardware. We also perform maintenance; both mechanical and digital. Our experts will get your cash register back in business or deliver a replacement quickly. We will come to you to make the repairs. If you would like to set up regular maintenance of your cash registers, we can do that as well.